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Free U.S. Shipping $39+
Cleanyst - Help Close the Loop!



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RETURN 36 EMPTY POUCHES TO get 10% OFF your next order!

Cleanyst was designed to help minimize plastic waste and ensure that all plastic generated from our products will be recycled in a closed loop system.

As such, our biobased pouches are fully recyclable through a mail-back program that is supported by TerraCycle.

Simply send the empty pouches back to us in our postage paid envelope, we’ll recycle the pouches, and you’ll receive rewards.


Our recycling envelope holds 36 empty Cleanyst concentrate pouches.

The envelope is made from 100% recycled plastic, including 50% post-consumer waste, and will be recycled along with the pouches.

How it works

To recycle your empty pouches and earn rewards, simply:

1. Collect and save 36 empty Cleanyst pouches in the complementary recycling envelope.

2. Once 36 pouches have been collected, retrieve your complimentary mail back label from inside the envelope and affix to the outside, then seal the envelope.

3. Return the envelope at no charge by dropping it off at any USPS location, or leaving it in your mailbox for USPS pick up.

Once we receive your envelope, we will recycle the pouches and send you a code for 10% off your next order.