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Free U.S. Shipping $39+

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Start fresh!

Build your own starter kit exactly to your liking and start living the Cleanyst life for body, home and planet.

To create your own kit, simply:

1) Add the BYO Kit to your cart.

2) Shop our body and home care concentrate pouches and add your preferred selection to your cart.

3) Be sure to also include a ReMix Bottle and Bottle Label when you add a new concentrate pouch to your cart. You can do this directly from the concentrate pouch page.

That’s it!

Now you're ready to start mixing safe and effective natural personal care and household cleaning products from the comfort of your home.

WHAT'S IN YOUR KIT + What to add

versatile Mixing Appliance
You choose your pouches
And Matching Reusable Bottles + Labels


Save on Natural Products
Minimize Waste
Safe & Effective
USDA Cleanyst Leaping Bunny® No Dyes. No Fragrances Plant Based and Biodegradable Free Shipping


The BYO Kit includes:

Mixing Appliance. Meet the Hub of the Cleanyst System.

Recycling Envelope. Help Close the Loop.

All of our body and home care products are USDA Certified Biobased, Leaping Bunny certified, and free from fragrances, dyes, parabens and harmful chemicals.


Review the Cleanyst Use & Care Manual for instructions on mixing body and home care products using the Cleanyst system.

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