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Update on Life Cycle Assessment and Delivery Timeline

Update on Life Cycle Assessment and Delivery Timeline

This post is a quick update on where we are currently at with product manufacturing and anticipated deliveries since our last update after our successful Kickstarter campaign ended in June we have been diligently finalizing the various components of our system with an eye towards ensuring optimal performance and the smallest possible environmental footprint.

As promised, we engaged an independent third party to conduct a preliminary life cycle assessment, or LCA, on our system in order to help us quantify its carbon footprint and compare this footprint against store-bought home and body care products in single-use plastic packaging. We are thrilled to report that the LCA findings confirm the positive environmental impact of our system! Here are the most important highlights:

  • Single-use plastic waste reduction of approximately 80%; and

  • Carbon footprint reduction of approximately 20-30%

These reductions are compared against store-bought products that come in single-use plastic packaging, and are calculated for all of our products over the six-year estimated life of the appliance.

Needless to say, the impact on single-use plastic waste is quite dramatic, equating to over 60 pounds (27kg) of plastic for the average household. The carbon footprint analysis is extremely comprehensive and takes into account all aspects of our system, including:

Reusable bottles;
Pouches; and
Secondary packaging (e.g., cardboard shipping boxes)
The analysis also takes into account the electricity consumption of the appliance, transportation and related efficiencies from shipping less water, and end of life impacts of all components.

If you’re currently purchasing your home and body care products online (rather than at a store), you should expect to see a carbon footprint reduction closer to 30% due to the additional secondary packaging required for e-commerce shipments.

Not only did the LCA help to quantify our positive impact, it also identified opportunities for reducing the carbon footprint of our system even further. Given our mission to deliver products with the smallest possible environmental footprint, we decided to pursue these opportunities even though this would mean pushing back our timeline.

As such, we now expect to make our first deliveries to our Kickstarter backers in the first quarter of 2020. Our team is working around the clock on two continents to minimize the delay and special thanks go out to our backers for their patience and understanding. We have no doubt that the improvements to our system will be worth the wait and we’ll look forward to sharing details with you about them in our next post.

Finally, we’re excited to let you know that Marie Claire magazine recently featured Cleanyst in its Future Report. In case you missed this amazing coverage, see here:

marie claire : The next 25 years of beauty

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Nick Gunia
CEO & Co-Founder
Miami, FL