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Teaching Children Important Sustainable Habits

Teaching Children Important Sustainable Habits

When it comes to the ever-looming threat of climate change and its toll on our planet, it can be difficult to know how to help our kids understand the state of the world, without overwhelming them.  

Even so, I believe it's important for them to learn that their personal actions have an impact and that they can be part of the solution to help safeguard our planet.   

In fact, the belief that small actions can have a big impact is one of the reasons why my brothers and I created Cleanyst.

The ability to put that belief into action by using the Cleanyst system as a way to spark curiosity and conversations about the environment with my children has been an unexpected source of abundant joy.  

With Father’s Day on the horizon, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the fun I have been having teaching my kids lessons about environmental sustainability and stewardship using the Cleanyst system. 

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First, the system highlights the importance of the “3 Rs,” namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Most important to me is the first R, for Reduce. Although the third R for Recycling seems to get the most attention, it is always best to create less waste to begin with and this is what Cleanyst is all about. My kids are really impressed that the concentrate pouches weigh only 7 grams but do the same job as a single-use plastic bottle that might weigh 5-10 times more. 


Next comes the second R, for Reuse, another hallmark of the Cleanyst system. Indeed, the system was designed to ensure that our customers would reuse our bottles for years rather than throw them away after a single use.


The third R relates to Recycling. Our biobased pouches are fully recyclable in a closed-loop system. Specifically, all customers receive a postage paid recycling envelope for mailing back their empty pouches, which we recycle through TerraCycle. 

Amazingly, we have minimized single-use plastic waste to the point where it is cost-effective for us to recover and recycle empty pouches at our own expense. 


The Cleanyst system helps to impart other lessons relating to environmental stewardship. For example, all Cleanyst concentrates and the pouches they come in are plant-based and have earned the USDA’s Biobased Product label.   

This important feature of our products helps to illustrate the power, potential and versatility of plants. If a job is currently being done by a petroleum-derived ingredient or raw material, Cleanyst shows that plants may be able to do the job as well as or better.   

The kids are stunned when they learn that our pouches are 65% derived from sugar cane and that some products are 99% plant-based. Hopefully, Cleanyst will inspire them to dream up even more amazing applications for plants.

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Finally, my kids are very aware of the threat posed by global warming since we live in Miami, one of the most vulnerable cities in the world when it comes to sea level rise and other adverse effects of climate change.   

Cleanyst helps to show the little ones that small changes can add up and make a big difference. With each batch of product we mix together, the kids can see and feel the positive impact in the form of lower weights that are being shipped and of course far less plastic waste. This gives them and the whole family a sense that we are doing our share to combat global warming and this provides everyone with a little peace of mind.  

Regardless of their age, I know your kids will be fascinated by the Cleanyst system and learn from our approach to minimizing waste and carbon emissions.

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My hope is that Cleanyst will inspire them to become better environmental stewards and to take action to address challenges like plastic pollution and global warming in other aspects of their lives. 

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