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The Cleanyst Approach to Plastic Waste

The Cleanyst Approach to Plastic Waste

We hope that you are doing well and that 2020 is off to a great start. 2019 certainly was an unforgettable year for Cleanyst. We acquired our first customers through a successful Kickstarter campaign, conducted a preliminary life cycle assessment and started to produce the tooling required to manufacture our system.

We hope that 2020 will be even better since it’s the year we will officially launch in the U.S. market and begin making our first deliveries. We can’t wait to begin manufacturing in upcoming months as our products will be entering the market at an opportune time.

A Video Op-Ed in the New York Times last month, entitled The Great Recycling Con, illustrates the need we see for Cleanyst. The video uncovers the surprising fact that very little of the recyclable plastic we put in our recycling bins will ultimately get recycled. In light of this reality, the video suggests that we should not fall for “The Great Recycling Con,” or believing that recycling is the magic solution to the plastic waste problem. Here’s a powerful excerpt from the video about this point:

“We’ve been made to feel that as long as we put our plastic in the blue bin, we’ve done our part and that’s just not true. The best we can do is start buying as if nothing gets recycled because that’s pretty much what’s going on.”

Cleanyst is a direct response to this predicament that so many consumers currently face. We start by reducing single-use plastic packaging waste by 80% compared to traditional home and body care products. If we assume that “nothing gets recycled” as encouraged in the video, then the best approach for tackling the plastic waste problem would be minimizing the need for single-use plastic packaging on the front-end—before it becomes waste. Indeed, there’s a reason that “reduce” comes before “reuse” and “recycle” in the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra.

Speaking of this mantra, bottle “reuse” is another key driver of our positive impact and it’s at the very heart of the Cleanyst system. We make it easy for you to not only reuse, but to mix a complete range of home and body care products in our bottles. Transitioning to a lifestyle of plastic waste reduction and reuse is not always smooth and easy and we developed our system to aid those seeking to make this lifestyle change.

Waste reduction and bottle reuse are not the end of the story, however. We cover 100% of the cost of recovering and recycling our pouches through a voluntary mail-back program we have set up in partnership with TerraCycle to guarantee they will be recycled.

Cleanyst + Teracycle

Our approach is in line with this call to action featured in the video:

“We need companies to stop hiding behind their green marketing ploys and actually deal with the plastic crisis they created.”

We hope that you’ll stay tuned or sign up about our launch so you can join us in responding to the crisis.

Nick Gunia
CEO & Co-Founder
Miami, FL

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