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Make a Difference with Cleanyst—Celebrating the Maker Movement

Make a Difference with Cleanyst—Celebrating the Maker Movement

At Cleanyst, we celebrate the maker movement because we believe that everything is a little better when you have a hand in making it. Whether it’s a home-cooked meal made with homegrown ingredients or your favorite homebrew beverage, the love you put into making something always shines through and improves it. By making your home and body care products with Cleanyst, the love you put in will help to reduce plastic packaging waste and carbon emissions, which is good for the planet and for your family. With Cleanyst, you will enjoy the satisfaction of making a positive difference with each batch you mix up, and you will feel the pride of making your own plant-based products.

Before we developed the Cleanyst appliance, we made lots of our own cleaning and personal care products at home using simple ingredients and a DIY guidebook. Although this was a lot of fun and a tremendous learning experience, the process took hours from start to finish, yielded inconsistent results from batch to batch, and made an absolute mess of our kitchen. With Cleanyst, you can take part in the maker movement without the hassle or mess. In fact, you will be able to easily mix your favorite types of home and body care products in minutes, and you can rest assured that they will perform on par with store-bought equivalents.

Unlike store-bought products, the home and body products you mix up with our system will be customizable and provide you with new and exciting options for personalization. Have you ever wanted more control over your favorite products, perhaps because the scent was too weak, or too strong, or just not right for you? So have we! To personalize with Cleanyst, your starting point will be any of our “free + clear” concentrates, which are fragrance-free and dye-free, and which provide a wonderful foundation for your own creations. On top of this foundation, you can create your favorite scents using our line of natural extracts and oils, which you simply drop into the bottle prior to mixing with the appliance. However, giving you control over scent will be just the beginning since we aim to expand our line of natural additives over time so that the possibilities for personalization will be virtually endless.

If personalization is not your thing, then just stick with our scented concentrates, featuring widely pleasing scents like citrus, mint and lavender. By mixing with Cleanyst, you will still radically reduce plastic packaging waste and carbon emissions, not to mention save on your cleaning and personal care products over time. We believe this is something you will feel proud about, and we are confident that Cleanyst will make your home and body care product experience more meaningful and enjoyable than ever before.

Nick Gunia
CEO + Co-Founder
Miami, FL
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