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International Coastal Cleanup: Harnessing the Power of People to Fight Ocean Trash

International Coastal Cleanup: Harnessing the Power of People to Fight Ocean Trash

International Coastal Cleanup Month began more than 30 years ago with the goal of collecting and documenting the trash that litters our coastlines. Today, an estimated 6 million volunteers from over 90 countries and throughout the U.S. participate in local Cleanup events each September. 

The cumulative result is not only a cleaner and healthier coastline, but also increased awareness about simple actions people can integrate into their lives to promote healthier beaches on a daily basis.

More than Clean Beaches

The positive impacts of International Coastal Cleanup can extend beyond the beach.

The top five most commonly collected items during a beach Cleanup are cigarette butts, plastic beverage bottles, food wrappers, plastic bottle caps and plastic straws, respectively. All are forms of single-use plastic debris.

The very qualities that make single-use plastic items an adaptable and durable product to use, also make them an environmental nightmare. This is because plastic is not biodegradable. Instead, plastic items simply break down over time into smaller and smaller pieces.

These pieces, called microplastics, inevitably make their way back into the environment where they wreak havoc on marine life, wildlife and eventually end up in our food systems. Today, microplastics are pervasive throughout our ecosystem. Ridding beaches of plastic and other garbage lessens the likelihood of these items ending up in the environment and in our bodies.

How to Get Involved

This year, most beach cleanup events have been suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions on group events and proximity to others. However, you can still participate by doing your own solo beach cleanup this month.

Taking it One Step Further

Taking small steps to reduce our daily dependence on single-use plastics in all areas of your life can go a long way towards minimizing the amount of microplastics that enter our environment.

That is why Cleanyst is on mission to make it easier to take better care of your body, home, and the planet.

The Cleanyst system utilizes a countertop appliance, reusable mixing bottles and concentrated, naturally derived ingredients that you mix in minutes with water from your own tap. This mix-at-home approach enables you to create safe, natural and effective body and home care products while minimizing single-use plastic waste by up to 80% compared to traditional body and home care products.

By making simple swaps at home, you can have an impact that extends far beyond yourself.

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