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Hold the Water! Facts About Water Content in Home + Body Care Products

If you have ever read an ingredients list for a home or body care product, you might have noticed that water is almost always at the top of the list. This is because ingredients are typically listed in order of predominance, with the ingredient in the greatest amount first, followed by those in progressively smaller amounts. Therefore, if water is at the top of the list, it is the main ingredient of the product by weight.

So how much water is in your home and body care products? It depends on the particular product, but generally speaking the answer is A LOT. Based on our industry experience and analysis of the most common types of home and body care products, water is usually more than 50-66% of the product by weight—and oftentimes much higher.  For instance, a surface cleaner, such as all-purpose cleaner, might contain 95% water!

When you buy a particular home or body care product, you are mostly paying for water (and the costs involved with packaging and shipping this water) and only a relatively small percentage of active ingredients; not to mention the environmental cost we are all paying from the excess packaging and carbon emissions generated by the shipment of this water from the factory.

We founded Cleanyst in order to put an end to these wasteful and environmentally unsound practices. With our system, you will pay mainly for active ingredients in minimal, disposable packaging—and you will mix in reusable bottles with water from your own tap.  We say you will pay “mainly” for active ingredients because some ingredients in our pouches are solubilized in water. If we stripped out all of the water in our pouches, certain ingredients would become solid and would not mix well in our system. It suffices to say, however, that our ingredients pouches contain as little water as possible.

There are a number of compelling reasons to add the water at home. First, you will save approximately 20% versus comparable, plant-based home and body care products. Our costs are lower because we don’t have to package and ship all that water and we pass the savings along to you. Then, there are the environmental benefits—which come in the form of reducing plastic packaging waste and carbon emissions. We reduce plastic waste by eliminating the need for those bulky plastic bottles and instead providing you with beautiful, reusable bottles that will last for years. We lower carbon emissions by reducing plastic and also shipping less water in trucks (that burn fossil fuels). Finally, you will have unparalleled transparency about the nature of our products. Since you add the water at home, you will know exactly how much water is in our products.

We hope you will agree that it is time to hold the water in your home and body care products, and begin adding it at home with Cleanyst!

Nick Gunia
CEO + Co-Founder
Miami, FL

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