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Everything You Need to Know About COP26

Everything You Need to Know About COP26

What is COP26? 

Every year, world leaders gather to discuss the state of climate change and climate action in a Conference of the Parties (COP). This year, the 26th summit, will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from October 31st to November 12th.

Who attends COP26? 

The summit will be attended by the nearly 200 countries that signed the United Nations’ 1994 Framework Convention on Climate Change, which was created to begin combatting climate change on a global scale.  

Tens of thousands of representatives from around the world will attend COP26 including negotiators, government representatives, business leaders, climate activists, and citizens.

Why is COP26 Important? 

In light of current climate realities, this years’ COP presents an urgent and unprecedented opportunity for global leaders to unite and take real action in order to get climate change under control.

Six years ago, the Paris Agreement was born out of COP21 in 2015. At that conference, every country in attendance agreed to work together to keep global warming below 2 degrees by setting ambitious new emissions standards and climate priorities.  

Those nations also agreed to update their climate plans every five years to reflect the latest science and bolder ambitions.  

The 2020’s COP was postponed due to the Pandemic. As such, COP26 marks the moment when countries must update their climate plans.

Many believe this is our last chance to turn back the impact that climate change is already having on our planet in order to avoid a climate catastrophe.  

"Blah, Blah, Blah…" Takes too long.

Act now with Cleanyst - Combat Climate Change and more! 

The need for real climate leadership has never been greater, and can start with the choices we make in our own lives.

At Cleanyst, we believe our daily actions can have an impact that goes far beyond ourselves and even small changes can make a big difference overtime.  

That’s why we created a circular, mix-at-home approach to body and home care that helps address climate change in multiple ways, including: 

(1) Minimizing the Need for Plastic Packaging 

By shipping only necessary ingredients in minimal, closed loop, packaging and harnessing the power of bottle reuse, our system reduces plastic packaging by around 80% compared to traditional products.  

By reducing the need for this plastic packaging, our system also helps lower emissions as the production of plastic from petroleum-based sources contributes to carbon emissions. 

(2) Improving Transportation Efficiency 

Transportation accounts for the largest portion (28%) of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Cleanyst helps reduce carbon emissions by shipping concentrated products in minimal plant-based packaging and empowering you to mix with water at home.  

By not shipping water—which can account for up to 95% of the weight of many body and home care products— we require far fewer trucks to deliver our products and this translates into lower emissions and cleaner air. 

What Can You Do to Help? 

Simple steps we can take every day to make life more sustainable and they all add up. We can all go #OneStepGreener in so many aspects of our lives. Cleanyst is one step in the right direction, here are some additional actions we can all take to reduce our impact on the environment:

Why Not Start Today?

All Cleanyst Starter Kits come complete with a countertop appliance, reusable mixing bottles and concentrate pouches that you mix in minutes with water from your own tap.

Whether you go All In, or start with the Essentials, there’s no wrong way to begin!  Explore Cleanyst Starter Kits

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